Firefighter Trousers Sweden II

VIKING Sweden Firefighter Trousers

The outer shell of the trousers is made of Hainsworth® TITAN - a top of the line light and breathable fabric designed to offer great thermal and flashover protection - whilst being sufficiently rugged to deal with the rigors of modern day firefighting. Below the TITAN outer shell is an advanced GORE-TEX® AIRLOCK® moisture and thermal barrier that eliminates the need for extra-thick insulation. The innovative construction uses thermally stable and chemically resistant foam silicone spacers to create an insulating air cushion.


  • Outer fabric: ­Hainsworth® TITAN
  • Moisture barrier: ­GORE-TEX® AIRLOCK® 3L
  • Stitching:­Meta-Aramid

Discover the VIKING Advantage

With the VIKING Sweden trousers, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available. Also, while the stock colors are Dark Navy Blue or Golden Brown, the jacket can be delivered in other colors upon request.

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