Wedge lifting bags 14.5 psi

  • Uniform pressure distribution
  • Safe operation
  • For thin-walled coachwork
  • Wedge-shaped for optimum lift angle

Smooth and precise at bus accidents.

Accessories for lifting bags (1 bar /14.5 psi) can also be used with wedge lifting bags, so you can avoid costly multiple purchases.

At bus accidents, your emergency personnel must cope with many injured persons at once, and seconds make the difference between life and death. The special shape of Vetter's wedge lifting bags provides an optimum lift angle. Free trapped passengers quickly from overturned busses.

Thanks to the wedge-shaped bags, the load is distributed uniformly over the entire lifting distance. With their ideal pressure distribution, the pneumatic bags are perfectly suited to lift thin-walled coachwork such as the side walls of buses. In doing so, they maintain continuous and secure contact with both the coachwork and the underlying surface.

Wedge lifting bags 14.5 psi
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