SC 757 E2 combination tool

This life-saver has real bite: The SC 757 E2 is not only the highest performance battery-powered combination tool, it also has the greatest opening distance and the best cutting performance in its class. And thanks to its innovative “Shark Tooth” tips, it has an irresistible grip! In short: You will not find a better battery-powered combination tool for USAR and road traffic accidents.

A unique rescue tool for all important rescue work: top-level spreading, cutting and pulling



  • highest cutting, spreading and pulling strength in its class
  • perfect for disaster rescue, USAR and road traffic accidents
  • removable spreading tips for more effective cutting thanks to reduced material crushing
  • aggressive knife geometry for top cutting performance


Product features

This product has superior qualities to make it impressive in practice.

  • The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations.
  • Thanks to LUKAS eDRAULIC, rescue workers are freed of power units and heavy hoses - and can rely on superior performance when it counts
SC 757 E2 combination tool
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