S 700 E2

The previous model was already unmatched, but now the

S 700 E2 is raising the bar even higher. This cutter is at the top of its class, 10% lighter and with newly designed blades for maximum strength and improved handling.

LUKAS eDRAULIC has proven its strength at work in real-life operations for years – benefit from our experience! We’ve optimised the second-generation eDRAULIC to the needs of real firefighters in real scenarios. Everything else is just theory.


  • 10% lighter than the previous model
  • Optimised handling thanks to more compact design
  • Powered by an optimised high-performance rescue battery
  • Rescue without power units and hoses
  • Superior blade design, ready for future vehicle generations

Developed for reality

The car posts you need to cut are getting ever thicker and more stable. To ensure that you are optimally prepared, LUKAS no longer takes part in the race for theoretical maximum force.
With the S 700 E2, we have instead developed a cutter in which blade opening and force application are perfectly matched to the relevant working range. That means you’re perfectly equipped to face future challenges.

NEW: Superior battery technology with doubled capacity

Our newly developed high-performance rescue battery now has a capacity of 5 Ah.That means twice the operating time in real rescue operations. We’ve also significantly improved the ergonomics of battery change. And of course the batteries are backward-compatible so they can also be used with first-generation eDRAULIC tools.

S 700 E2 Lukas
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